Learn TOEIC from Swell Cafe 從『Swell Café 』學多益*

Themed cafes have been popping up all over Taipei lately, giving us tons of opportunities to take gram-worthy pictures and having unique brunch experiences, while enjoying our “essential” lattes.


Swell Co. Café is a surf lover’s dream, with its surf themed interior and California beach vibe, making you feel all summery and ready to go hop on those waves. It is located in Daan District, in a quiet residential area, and stands out with its large wave-covered wall on the outside, making it impossible to miss. 

Swell Co. Café是衝浪愛好者的夢想,其衝浪主題裝潢和加州海灘氛圍令您感受到了所有的夏日氣息,並準備好迎接這些浪潮。 它位於大安區,在一個安靜的住宅區,外面有一個巨大的波浪覆蓋的牆壁,讓它必去不可。



  1. pop up (v.) 出現, 發生(尤指出乎意料)
    He seems to pop up in the most unlikely places. 

pop-up notes 抽取式便條紙
pop-up store 快閃店
pop-ups 彈跳式廣告

  1. essential [ɪˋsɛnʃəl]

Hard work is essential to success. 成功必須努力工作。
There is no essential difference between the two. 兩者本質上並沒有所不同。
Today’s lecture deals with the essentials of marketing. 今天的課程講述行銷的基本要點。

essential + 一種食物: 有種精神糧食之意

  1. summery (a.) 夏天感/熱如夏天的

It’s quite summery today. 今天熱如夏天

The café is decorated with surfboards and cactuses, and with beach morals on the walls adding to their cool and summery beach vibe. We have visited this café twice and always enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the perfect spot for a casual lunch with friends or sitting back with a cuppa coffee and a book. 

咖啡廳裝飾著衝浪板和仙人掌,牆上還有海灘規則,增添了涼爽和夏季的海灘氛圍。 我們去這家咖啡廳兩次,都很愛這寧靜而輕鬆的氛圍,是與朋友一起享用休閒午餐的理想場所,或者放鬆自己並享用一杯茶咖啡和一本書。


  1. vibe (n.) 氣氛;情境
    This cafe gives nostalgic vibes which are very attractive to me. 

Their menu consists of a range of specialty coffees, from African to Costa Rican, as well as light meals such as desserts and sandwiches. We opted for the cake of the day, and the Banana Caramel Toast, which also came with an ice-cream cone on the side (quite a lovely surprise!) We also had the cheese cake to share, it was delicious. Below you can scroll through their menu and also have a look at our mouthwatering desserts. 

他們的菜單包括一系列特色咖啡,從非洲式到哥斯達黎加式,以及輕食,如甜點和三明治。 我們選擇了今日蛋糕,還有香蕉焦糖吐司,旁邊還放了一個冰淇淋(相當可愛的驚喜!)我們還一起分了一個起司蛋糕,好吃極了。 下面你可以看看他們的菜單,也可以看看我們另人口水直流的甜點。


  1. consist of (phr.)

A staff consists of teachers, administrators and students. 

The beauty of the photo consists in its balance of colors. 

The information consists with his words. 消息與他的敘述相符合。

  1. light meals (n.) 輕食
  2. opt for (phr.)

決定某事物; 選擇某事物
More students are opting for learning a third language nowadays. 

  1. scroll through (phr.) 瀏覽 / 滑手機也可以用此片語

I have been scrolling through the Facebook feed for an hour. 

If you’re looking for a cool and laid back café, away from the hustle and bustle where you can sit back and relax with a cuppa’ joe, this is the perfect spot for you. It’s quite, relaxing and they make some o the best lattes in town! It’s quite affordable too, and hey you can even take advantage of that enormous wave outside (aka photo prop!) and score a brand new pic for your instagram feed. Go and have a swell day! 

如果您正在尋找一家有風格並可以放鬆的咖啡廳來遠離喧囂,這裡是您理想的選擇來放鬆且喝一杯咖啡。這裏還有市區其中一家最好的拿鐵! 而且不貴!!你甚至可以利用外面的巨大浪潮(又名照片道具!),為你的instagram增添風采。出發享受你的Swell day吧!


  1. laid back (a. )悠閒的;懶散的;閒散的
    a laid-back way of living 悠閒的生活方式
  2. hustle and bustle (n.) 喧囂 (都市)
    3. a cuppa’ joe = 一杯咖啡
    = cup o’joe
  3. take advantage of 利用, 善用; 佔便宜

Joe took advantage of the lunch hour to finish his homework. Joe利用午飯的時間做完了家庭作業。
He took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk. 他趁著天氣好, 出去散散步。

  1. aka = also known as = 也可以說是…
  2. photo prop (n.) 為了拍照的道具


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