Learn TOEIC from The Dinners 從『樂子』學多益*

If you live in Taipei and have never been to one of the Diner‘s restaurants, you are missing outBIG TIME! The Diner has been a permanent fixture on my brunch list, and it’s one of the places I always highly recommend to friends for a scrumptious breakfast in the city. I especially like this branch, because it’s in a fairly quiet residential neighborhood, which makes it feel like you are having a breakfast at a loved ones’ house. 


1. miss out (phr.) 錯過
2. permanent (adj.) 永久的
3. fixture (n.) 固定的事物
4. scrumptious (a.) 美味的 = delicious
5. residential (a.) 居住的

reside (v.) 居住 <+in>


[NOTE] live也是動詞居住的意思,想到居民是不是因為是做這件事的人所以加-er在字尾形成liver呢? 但是liver是肝的的意思喔,就是器官的肝沒錯,所以居民請記得是resident (n.)



The Diner 樂子瑞安店 (Rui’An) offers plenty of seating in their two-story restaurant, but be warned that they are almost always filled to capacity on weekends, even when you get there super early. However, the service was top-shelf and speedy, as always.

樂子瑞安店(瑞安)在它兩層樓的佔地中提供充足的座位,但要注意的是,即使在週末超級早到場,它們還是幾乎客滿 幸好,他們的供餐服務一如既往地是高品質且快速的。


6. offer (v.) 提供  [NOTE] offer vs. provide vs. supply 差別請看文章最後
7. plenty of (phr.) 許多的

8.  capacity (n.) 容積,容量;生產能力;(尤指某人或某組織的)辦事能力

  e.g.  The stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000.

9. Top-shelf = of high quality = 高品質的

Famous for their typical American breakfasts, you can get anything from classic eggs and bacon with hash browns, to Eggs Benedict, pancakes, omelets, French toast, cereals and many, many more. And that’s just the breakfast foods. The Diner boasts with an extensive menu, adding lunch and dinner options such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, meatloaf, and an array ofappetizers and desserts, which you will never be sick of the same option here. On top of this, they also serve delicious drinks like smoothies, juices, coffees, teas, sodas, and THE BEST milkshakes you can find in Taipei! For the evening crowd, they have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages available, too.

樂子以其典型的美式早餐而聞名,您可以從經典雞蛋,培根和薯餅,雞蛋班尼迪克蛋,鬆餅,歐姆蛋,法式吐司,麥片等等 這還只是早餐喔 樂子也以他們多樣的菜單自豪,包括漢堡,三明治,沙拉,湯,肉餅,以及一系列開胃菜和甜點等午餐和晚餐,您不會因為這裡的同樣選擇而感到厭煩。 除此之外,他們還提供可口的飲料,如冰沙,果汁,咖啡,茶,蘇打水和台北最好的奶昔! 對於晚上的客人,他們也有各種各樣的酒精飲料。



10. boast (v.) 自誇/自豪
11. extensive (a.) 廣泛的/種類眾多的
12. be sick of* (phr.) 而厭煩
13. on top of this* (phr.) 除此之外

Okay, so I don’t have to convince you to go and try out the Diner, right? You’re adding it to your “Places to Eat in Taipei” list as we speak? With their extensive menu, you are sure to find a meal that will tickle your taste buds!


好的,所以我不必說服你去『樂子』了,對吧? 看到著,你是否已經把它加到你的“台北必吃餐廳”清單中?也著多樣化的菜單選擇,您一定能找到能讓您找到刺激您味蕾的餐點!

[Further learning深度解析]


provide  supply  offer 都有供給、提供的意思,但用法不同。


1. provide :有遠見,為應付意外、緊急情況等作好充分準備而供給、提供

[句構]  provide sb.  with sth /  provide sth for sb. 


e.g. He persuaded others to provide money or to give help. 


  Parents provide food for children



2. supply : 指定期供應 , 補給替代或補充所需物品(多益最常出現單字之一)

[句構]  supply sb. with sth/  supply sth. for/to sb. 

e.g. The books will be supplied to people all over the country. 


   Cows supply us with milk.


3. offer 側重表示願意給予

[句構]  offer sb. sth/  offer to do sth

e.g. The secretary offered me a cup of coffee秘書給我端了杯咖啡

   She offered to go instead of me. 主動提出代替我去。

[NOTE]  supply  provide 可互換


provide/supply sth. for sb. / provide/supply sb. with sth


e.g. The bank provided/supplied us with a loan 5 million dollars

   銀行提供了 我們五百萬元的貸款。




supply  (v. ) 供應,補給   (n.)  供應品


e.g. office supplies 辦公室用品


provide  (v. ) 提供,供給 (主動提供的涵意) 這點與 offer 相像。


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